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My Story

I have been an Independent Scentsy Consultant since February 2013 but a Scentsy addict for several years before. I got interested in Scentsy from a friend who lived in Florida and told me about the product. I was intrigued to learn more about these wickless warmers. I was addicted to candles at that time and often had a jar candle burning in my kitchen. I thought this was a safe place because it kept the candle away from my son ... but it didn't keep the candle away from my cat.  He walked next to the jar candle and his tail caught on fire.  I was lucky because I was in the kitchen at the time and saw what was happening.  EEK!

But still with this ... I didn't get my first warmer for a few more years ... and then I was HOOKED!  I loved the safety aspect and the scents ... WOW! I loved that I could change out my scent so quickly and easily! Still, I was just a customer ... buying wax, buddies and scent paks.  My consultant was awesome! And she planted the seed ... that I should consider investing the $99 (plus tax and shipping) and join her team.  But I was not ready to take that leap ... didn't think that I could "sell" Scentsy.

Then in February 2013, I took the leap ... it was a great time to join!  The SuperSize Consultant Kit made it so great! And my sponsor and former consultant trained me to not think that I was "selling" but really "sharing" Scentsy.  And I do love sharing it! 

Please email me for more information or if you would like to book a party or place an order. Come and like my business Facebook page at

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